The Making of a War Horse (part 2)

Week 2 of the Re-Start

As mentioned in our previous post, from time to time we are offered horses to use in The War Horse Project, and other Hope Reins programs.  In the past 12 months, Cadence and Scooter, were donated , and fully immersed in their jobs as War Horses.  They are thriving in the programs, and have worked out superbly.  Scooter is sponsored by Terri, and we are still waiting for someone to sponsor Cadence.  And of course, if this beauty, the subject of this post works out for us, we will be in need of a sponsor for her too!

Jenn has been keeping us up to date on the mare’s progress.  She did very well accepting her tack, considering it has been a few years since she had been tacked up.  She looks quite comfortable in her gear.

This week, her rider/trainer Shannon has been working on walk/trot/stop transitions.  It’s no surprise that this girl much prefers the the stop, and would much rather hang out with the people watching her in the arena.  Shannon has been teaching her to lunge using voice commands, and teaching her to move off the halter, as opposed to a bridle.  This gal will be ridden in a rope hackamore in our programs, as all our horses are.

Next week, our trainer Katherine Schutt will head to Rock Ridge Sport Horses in Perth, ON   { } to see how this beauty is coming along.  Kate will ride her and see how well this gorgeous mare is handling her re-start.  Kate will have to determine if she will be OK with the kind of riders we see in the programs.

We are still looking for a sponsor (or sponsors) for this beautiful horse, as we hope she will be ready by month’s end to come to the Pembroke facility.  Don’t forget, we are asking YOU to help us name this beautiful mare!  We also have number of other wonderful War Horse’s that could use your support!  Please contact the Program Director at:  or 613 585 1208