Want to sponsor a horse? Meet Parade!

You may remember that a while ago we hinted that you might have a chance to sponsor some of our beautiful horses. Here’s our first candidate – wonderful Parade. She’s a gorgeous black Canadian mare with a big, boisterous personality and, as a result, she can be a challenge for people. A sensitive spirit, Parade needs to be confident in her leader and will check (AKA “test”) often just to make sure her human partner is still able to keep her safe and secure.  She’s a full-bodied lady and we believe she’d be a wonderful asset to The War Horse Program.

Parade’s strong personality makes her an excellent herd leader and she takes her role seriously. Even with her direct nature, she’s still able to be subtle and we think it would be amazing to include her as a more challenging horse for some of our advanced participants – we know she’s got a lot to offer.

If you’d like to sponsor our “little horse of iron,” please get in touch with Allison at 613-585-1208 or email vanderbrookfarm@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you!!