Reception photos are here!!

We’re able to share some of the photos taken at our recent reception! Hosted at Forbes Stables by TWHP staff and facilitators, the reception’s purpose was to introduce the program to some people we hope to see more of. Attended by program facilitators, supporters, military personnel – both serving and retired – representatives from our first responders’ community, local and national politicians – and, of course, some of our awesome horses! – the reception was intended to show the program in its natural environment, the stable and arena where our sessions take place.

Guests were greeted at the end of the lane by veterans on horseback – just a taste of the adventure in store. With time set aside for mixing and interaction, many had their mobile phones out busily recording and taking photos. Gala Guest Speaker Major General Lewis Mackenzie (ret’d) was in attendance as was Parliamentary Secretary for Veterans Affairs Karen McCrimmon and Assistant Commissioner of the RCMP, Serge Therriault. We were also pleased to have on hand a number of alumni, some of whom spoke. One of our them, Danny, shared straight from the heart about his injury and recovery. In his short talk, he made many profound statements, but none so profound as this, “. . . I still deploy.” In spite of everything he’s been through, Danny carries on and continues to serve his country.

Alison Vandergragt, Program Director at TWHP, together with our staff and alumni, provided our guests with a very intimate and hands-on session designed to not only highlight the wonderful work that’s being done, but also to give our guests a chance to ask questions and get straight-forward answers. We wanted to demystify some of what we do, to make it accessible and understandable, particularly for those with non-horsey backgrounds. Just to be sure that our wonderful equine partners and their essential contribution weren’t missed, we had a number of our amazing horses participating as well.

Feedback from the reception has been really positive and we’re pleased to say that important relationships are being built and fostered as a result. Perhaps the most poignant note came from a brand-new friend, someone with no previous experience with TWHP. Here is just a little of what he had to say –

“The most powerful messages came, in my view, from the two participants who shared their experience during the evening. I was deeply touched by their story and I feel that I also benefitted from the program at that time myself. Their examples helped me understand that there is more than one way to look at life and our personal issues, when we can develop that spiritual bond with such a powerful but yet fragile animal.”

We hope you’ll enjoy a look through these pictures and once again, thank you to everyone who participated in any way. Your contribution was deeply appreciated!

And just to let you know, many of the horses in these photos will be looking for sponsors as we move forward in 2016! Dakota, Phoenix and Doc are all very loved and key members of our team. Like the rest of our equine partners, they perform essential tasks for our clients and we are looking forward to showcasing them and their colleagues in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more information on how you can become a sponsor for one of these beauties.