The War Horse Project is an equine-assisted psychotherapy program intended for Canadian Forces members, Veterans, First Responders and Corrections Officers who have been adversely affected by trauma. This program has provided lasting and measurable benefits not achieved with conventional therapies alone.


What our participants say


Bonding with a horse and experiencing full acceptance without judgement creates a powerful catalyst to connect once again with self and others. The medical model of treatment does not typically address the “who you are” or find meaning in the things one has experienced. Please take a moment to read some comments from our War Horse Alumni.

“I found that The War Horse Project was able to break through the stigma (whether real, perceived or imagined) with PTSD.” L.D.

“The War Horse Project was able to overcome some of the limitations that, in my experience, traditional therapies such as group discussion, EMDR, or one-on-one discussion with a psychologist could not.” K.R.

“I was able to draw parallels to my own reactions under stressful or traumatic conditions, and found a much more complete understanding of my own stress responses.” C.T.